“Neighborhood adultery is no laughing matter; it’s a horror show, because everyone knows it happens and everyone has something to lose if it gets out. Most people like living in some form of authoritarian tribal containment, observing tradition and taboo. Mediocrities don’t like freedom; they like containment with a little hypocrisy on the side.” – Ethan Mordden, Medium Cool

“All art is manipulative; all art is self-indulgent. Any organization of narrative, every choice in characterization, is a manipulation. Novelists, composers, poets, painters, and other creators indulge themselves, liberate their fantasies in everything they create. Der Ring des Nibelungen is manipulative. War and Peace is self-indulgent.” – Ethan Mordden, Medium Cool

“There can be no safe place, because the world does not consist of the good, the wise, and the generous taking on the wicked, the unreasonable, and the selfish. The world consists of dense psychologies of desire, fear, and resentment in a state of constant explosion. The world is not safe, because people are dangerous. Not only crooks and loonies but all people. A mother can be dangerous.” – Ethan Mordden, Medium Cool