The Art of Tetman Callis Tale of the Tribe

Tale of the Tribe

First published in NOON 2017. Copyright 2017 by Tetman Callis.

            All parties involved, including the second Dan and the second Suzanne in the distant city, ceased fucking each other and moved on to fuck others who were once upon a time of some consequence.

            But still the first Dan and the first Suzanne continued not to fuck.

            The second Dan came to stay with the Steve. Though the first Suzanne had removed herself from the premises, she was still near enough to fuck. She and the second Dan so commenced.

            In yet another distant city, there had been throughout this time yet another Suzanne and another Steve. They also, of course, fucked, and of course they also came to cease their fucking and to go their separate ways and to fuck others. The third Suzanne, in her fashion, headed to the city where the first Suzanne and the second Dan had likewise recently ceased their fucking.

            These people!

            Meanwhile, the first Dan and the first Suzanne continued not to fuck.

            The first and third Suzannes met at an event. Hi, my name is Suzanne. Oh, what a coincidence, my name is Suzanne, too.

            Later, they smoked cigarettes and told their stories including one in which a Stephanie was mentioned.