The Art of Tetman Callis The Search for Intelligent Life

The Search for Intelligent Life

First published in Always Crashing, Issue 4, Spring 2021. Copyright 2021 by Tetman Callis.

            I have

            I’ve been

            I have and I’ve been more than three or three or two or four today, yet I have never found any such interesting item like yours. You’ve got the

            You have the definite item it’s, it’s, it is, that is, pretty well worth enough for me.

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            all of you, or more of you, made as good a definite item as you did, the one you did, this would be or will be a much more

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            this place, I couldn’t or could not resist or refrain from telling you, like I like you. Very well. Perfectly. Perfectly well. You. Exceptionally well.

            It is written! I will


            right away, immediately, take hold of, grab, clutch, grasp, seize, snatch, as I can not


            in finding, or find, to find your

            Do you have, that is, you’ve any? Please. Kindly allow, permit, let me realize, recognize, understand, know, so that in order that I may, just may, just could, subscribe my thanks. It is

            It’s appropriate, perfect, the best time to make some plans for the future and it is, it’s time to be happy. I have, I’ve read this and if I could, I want to wish to desire to suggest to you a few


            interesting things.


            Maybe you could or can. I want to wish to desire more, even more things! It is, It’s appropriate, perfect, the best time to make a few or some plans for the future, the longer term, the long run, and it is, it’s time to be happy. I have, I’ve learned this, I’ve put up, and if I may, just may, could I want to wish to desire to suggest, recommend, or counsel you about some interesting fascinating attention-grabbings?


            Maybe you could, or can, have the next subsequent items relating to, referring to, regarding this. I want to wish to desire to learn more, even more things approximately about it! I have, I’ve been more than, greater than, three threes these days. Nowadays, today, lately as of late, yet but

            I never by no means found or discovered any interesting fascinating attention-grabbings like yours. It’s

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            Aha! It’s a nice pleasant good fastidious discussion conversant dialogue, concerning the item, here at this place, now at this time, it’s me also here at this place. I am sure this has touched all people visitors, it’s a really really nice, pleasant, good and fastidious item piece. Wow, and this item piece is nice, pleasant, good, or fastidious, and my sister, younger sister, is analyzing such as these kinds of things, so thusly therefore I am going to tell and inform and let her know of this conveyance. Saved! I really like

            I like

            I love your Way cool! Very extremely valid! I appreciate you and this and the

            and also

            plus the rest of the also very extremely, very also really really good. Hi, I do believe I do think this is an excellent item, this stumbledupon item. I will, I am going to, I’m going to, I may come back or return or revisit once again here yet.

             Money and freedom! Is the best! The greatest way! To change, may you be rich and continue. Woah! I’m really loving or enjoying digging this.

             It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very hard, very difficult, challenging, tough, and hard to get that perfect balance between superb usability, user friendliness usability, and visually apparent visual appeal appearance. I must say that you’ve

            you have

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            These are really actually in fact truly genuinely great enormously impressive wonderful fantastic ideas in regarding the concerning item. You have touched some nice or pleasantly good fastidious points and factors here. Anyway, keep up. I love, I really like, I enjoy, I like

            Everyone loves what you guys are usually tending to be up to. This sort of

            This type of Such.

            This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the superb, terrific, very good, greatly good, awesome, fantastic, excellent, amazing, wonderful



            I’ve incorporated or added or included you guys.


            Hi there

            Hey there

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            Someone shared this so I came to give it a

            look look

            it over take a look check it out. I’m definitely enjoying loving, and will be! Terrific Wonderful Great Fantastic Outstanding Exceptional Superb Excellence, and wonderful terrific brilliant amazing great excellent fantastic outstanding superb style and design.

            I love that I really like

            I enjoy

            I like

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            Howdy Hi there, Hey there, Hi Hello Нey, would you mind stating which you’re with?

            I’m looking on planning to be going to start my own in the near future soon, but I’m having a tough or difficult hard time making a decision. Selecting choosing, or deciding between the two or three or four. The reason I ask is because

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           Hello Hey would you mind letting me know? I must say, can you suggest recommending an honest and reasonably fair price?

            Thanks a lot, Kudos. Cheers. Thank you. Many thanks.

            Thanks, I appreciate it!

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            It, in fact, was an amusement on account of it. Look in advance to far more added! By the way

            However, how can or could we communicate? Howdy Hi there, Hey there, Hello Hey, just wanted to give you a quick head. The item seems to be running off. I’m not sure if this is an issue or something to do, but I thought I’d figure to let you know. They look great though! Hope you get the problem issue solved or resolved or fixed soon. Kudos Cheers Many thanks and Thanks.

            This is a topic that is that’s, which is close to near to my heart . . . . Cheers. Many thanks. Best wishes. Take care. Thank you! Where Exactly

            where are your details though?

            It’s very easy, simply trouble-free, straightforward, effortless to find out I’m having a tough time but, I’d like to send or shoot you, an e-mail email. I’ve got some you might be interested in hearing.

            Either way, great, and I look forward to seeing it grow over time. Hola Hey there Hi Hello Greetings! I’ve time now and finally got the bravery courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Kingwood Huffman Porter Houston Dallas Austin Lubbock Humble Atascocita Tx Texas! Just wanted to tell you, mention, say Greetings from Idaho Carolina Ohio Colorado Florida Los Angeles California! I’m bored to tears bored to death bored at work so I decided during lunch break I enjoy really liking the love present provided here, and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked amazed and surprised. It’s like you, and I like you, such as you read my learned mind’s thoughts!

            You seem to appear to understand to know how to grasp so much a lot


            about this, like you, such as

            you wrote the book in it or

            something. I think I feel, I believe, that you—that you, simply that you—just could or can do with some few to force pressure and drive power, getting the message house at home a bit, a little bit, however,

            but other than instead of that, this is that, and is great, is wonderful, fantastic, magnificent.


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            Howdy Hi there Hi Hello, from time to time I own a similar one and I was just wondering, curious if you get a lot and if so

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            Greetings! Very helpful

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            It is the

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            Thanks. Many thanks. Thank you. Cheers. Appreciate it. Kudos! Hi there! Hello there! Howdy! This item couldn’t

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            I have what I’ve got, I have got you to look at.

            Hi Hello Hi there What’s up, just wanted to mention or, say, tell you what, I enjoyed liking and loved this. It was inspiring, funny, practically helpful. Keep on! I leave a drop to create, leave a drop each time when whenever. I appreciate, like especially, enjoying if I have something. It is

            Usually it is

            Usually it’s

            It’s a result of triggered passion, the fire of sincerity displayed.

            And on and on, after this. Still doing what they can. I was actually moved I was, was actually excited enough to drop leaves, drop and write, create a thought, a comment, a response. I do have

            actually do have some

            a few

            questions a couple of questions

            2 questions for you if you don’t

            do not usually

            do not tend not to mind, if it’s all right, okay? Is it

            Could it be just only simply me, or does it seem to appear or give the impression


            look as if

            look like some or a few of these, look or appear or come across like they are

            as if they

            are like coming from dead individuals?

            I’d, I would, like to keep up. Could you would you make a list? Hi there Hello, I enjoy all. I like, wanted to support you. I always, constantly, every time, spent my half, daily, every day, all the time along with a cup or mug of coffee. I always, for all time, all the time, constantly, every time, because, since as for the reason that

            then after that

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