The Crane Game

I posted another story this morning.  This one is “Sandhills”, which was published in New York Tyrant, Volume 1, Number 1, in 2006.  It’s a story I first sketched out in 1993, as part of another, longer work.  It didn’t really fit in, though, so I cut it and in the next year or so I reworked it into its present form.  It was accepted by The Quarterly in 1995, providing I changed the title to “The Crane Game”.  I changed the title and made the other minor but necessary revisions required by Gordon Lish, who edited The Quarterly, but then his mag went bust (for the second and so far final time).

It took me another eleven years to find a publisher for it.  The editor at the Tyrant (I can no longer remember her name, but it may have been Sarah) also required a few minor changes, which I accepted when she was right and I could not make a convincing case otherwise, either to her or myself.  I had long since changed the title back to “Sandhills”.  I never cared for “The Crane Game”, in large part because The Crying Game had come out in ’92 and broke big in ’93 and the two titles were far too close to one another acoustically and temporally.

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