The Art of Tetman Callis Poems,Words Rimbaud packed it in before he turned 21

Rimbaud packed it in before he turned 21

In November of 1975 I was 17 years old and began writing poetry.  The following year I had four of my poems published in two very obscure magazines.  In 1978 I had another published in another very obscure magazine.  It was another ten years before I had another poem published, again in an obscure magazine, this one in the United Kingdom.  And in 1990 I had another poem published: magazine again obscure.

Those seven poems are the previously published works I’m posting this week.  They were all written before I was twenty years old.  Nearly everything else I wrote in those early scribbling days when the Vietnam War was still freshly lost and the nation was anesthesizing itself with drugs, sex, rock-and-roll and King Disco, has long since been thrown away and good riddance to it.  I would hate to think someone would have to wade through that garbage to sort it out after I die.

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