summer gunfire

it’s only mid-may and the summer
gunfire has already begun. ten shots
in rapid succession. most likely
the emptying of a full magazine
(nine-millimeter semi-automatic
handgun). it happened not long after

nine o’clock. early in the evening
for the summer gunfire. early in
the season, too. the summer gunfire
usually doesn’t begin until
the hot madness of june. and it doesn’t
happen until after ten o’clock.

and usually not a full magazine
at a time. profligate shooter, what did
he hit? time to bring the kids in early.
keep them away from the windows. keep
everyone away from the windows.
we can sit on the floor, it’s cooler here.

(Published in High Street: Lawyers, Guns & Money in a Stoner’s New Mexico (2012, Outpost 19); copyright 2012, 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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