special forces

i went out to feed the cat just now
and saw the most amazing thing on
the freeway exit ramp right behind
my house. stopped for the light at the bottom of
the ramp, a large white s-u-v with
four uniformed special forces guys
riding shotgun on the running boards.

i thought, jesus christ, who the fuck is
the s-u-v had tinted windows.
if it weren’t for the special forces
guys, i never would have noticed it.

one of the special forces guys was
wearing mirrored shades. another had
those white plastic handcuffs sticking out
of his back pocket, or maybe hooked
to his belt. all four special forces
guys were wearing flak jackets and helmets
and olive-drab. they had guns and small
radios. they were looking all around
while they waited for the light to change.

there was nothing on the news about
anyone important being in
town. the cat was waiting to be fed.

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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