how this works

this is how this works:
here’s the sky
there’s the sun
bright—don’t look at it
it’s a special star to us, the sun
but no big thing in the big scheme of things
it’s a normal star
a clerk or a waiter
a star that watches the game on sundays
its own day, it takes it off
has a hot brewski

so there’s the sun
it lives in a galaxy
it has billions of neighbors just like it
they all have families just like ours
ours has us
if you—or anyone—puts our pieces
(carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.)
around a sun just like ours
you’re going to get us
or someone very similar

here we are
there’s the sky
it’s night now, so you can see all those other suns
back behind and beyond all those suns, there are more suns
billions of them
and back behind them
there are more galaxies
billions of them
anywhere you look
everywhere you look
billions of them
they all have suns
drinking hot brewskis and watching the game with their families circling around
families just like us
looking up
looking out
looking at all those other suns
everywhere we look
any time, night or day
we look at someone out there looking back

(Copyright 2003, 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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