the question


i must confess that this past weekend was a disappointment. you are walking distance away but it’s not possible to schedule in time to fuck. i know we aren’t allowed to fuck during the middle of the week. and obviously we aren’t allowed to fuck on weekends either. holidays only?



i will come to your apartment after i get off work tomorrow
and i will strip you naked from the waist down
and i will slip two fingers into you
and i will squeeze you till you come
and you come and come again and again
and you come until you beg me to stop
then i will lie on my back and pull you down to straddle me
and i will push myself into you
and i will hold you to me so that you cannot get away
and i will fuck you until i am satisfied
and i trust that will answer your question


(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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