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  1. Very true, which is why I will never create art. I’m too busy apologizing to ever own it, mean it, say it with conviction. Artists need a shot of healthy arrogance and I get meeker by the day.

    The part about the vinyl ‘Scream’ doll made me laugh out loud, to think you brought it to work and set it by your desk, and then were asked if you’d please find someplace else to work. I’m gone on that whole scenario. I need that doll.

    • I was rather naive in those days and thought my sense of humor was a refreshment the firm needed. Wrongo. What’s more, I was surprised when the managing partner told me he didn’t think there’d be any place for me at the firm once the case I was working on was settled. That settled it for me and I didn’t wait around for the door to hit me on my way out.

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