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High Street 8 — Plus ça Change

“In the end, art is small beer.  The really serious things in life are earning one’s living so as not to be a parasite, and loving one’s neighbor.” — W. H. Auden

High Street 8 — “Plus ça Change” is posted today.

That is the end of High Street.  Thanks for tuning in.  Please tune in tomorrow and every day for whatever comes next.

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  1. Averil Dean Averil Dean

    Well, as I’ve said, I loved this. I wish I could carry it away with me and read it again, curled up in my chair. Well done, Tetman.

    • Thank you, Averil. This is what I would like to do, so it is what I am going to do: I have a PDF version of High Street, complete with illustrations, that I prepared a year ago. There are some minor differences between its text and the text as published on my website over the past month. These differences are almost all of punctuation; while I did make some small changes and cuts in wording, for clarity and tightness, and I deleted the story “Stoney Jay and Bobby Lee at the Battle of the Sunshine Jar,” there are otherwise no notable differences between the two texts. The PDF is a megabyte in size. I will email it to your address, then you will have it to read again at your leisure.

  2. Averil Dean Averil Dean

    Thank you!!!

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