The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit My father shows on my south side

My father shows on my south side

“I have been told that when people say they see my father in me, I am to do one of two things.  The first is just to tell them that it must be only because he’s trying to get their attention because he wants something again.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be showing himself in me of all people.  The other is for when people have already stayed too long.  I’m supposed to say, ‘Where?  Point him out.  Show me where, so I can pull him out all the way.  Maybe I can shit him out.  Think that would work?  Let’s go see.’  I have done both, but sometimes I just picture my body glassed over and my father motioning from within, bobbing up now and then between my bones, no big trouble.” – Gary Lutz, “The Summer I Could Walk Again”

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