David #1

David #1, from The Compton-Kids, Series #1 (copyright by Tetman Callis)


2 thoughts on “People”

  1. What a treat at the blog today! I’m muzzy with migraine and can’t string two thoughts together, but even I can see that these shots are wonderful, full of personality. (Cross processed, maybe?)

  2. Hi, Averil. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve never had migraines but I’ve lived and worked with people who have and I have seen how debilitated they were when they were migrainated.

    The shots are not cross-processed. They are Photoshopped. The originals are scanned Kodak Instamatic color film negatives. Onto those I applied sufficient curve to get the color effects I was looking for, which were strongly influenced by the paintings of Van Gogh. The negatives are old. When I scanned them they were thirty years old and somewhat damaged and deteriorated. I scanned them at high resolution then painstakingly repaired them with the Clone and Healing Brush stamps.

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