NYC 1991, Exterior #2

NYC 1991, Exterior #2, from NYC Exteriors Series #1 (copyright by Tetman Callis)

2 thoughts on “Places”

  1. I saw a woman in her minivan a few weeks ago. The back window was plastered with decals expressing a number of Christian warnings: Love Jesus or burn in hell! Accept your savior before it’s too late!

    So disturbing to see her pulling into the Baptist Preschool parking lot. Please may she not be a teacher.

  2. If she was pulling into anything Baptist with the propaganda her minivan sported, you know she was in the right place. My early religious upbringing was a close encounter with the Southern Baptist church. After that, I was a Jehovah’s Witness. All this by the age of ten, it was a one-two punch that damn near made an atheist out of me.

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