Manhattan at Night, 1990 by Tetman Callis

Manhattan at Night, 1990 by Tetman Callis

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  1. 35mm SLR (Pentax K1000) loaded with Kodak 400 ASA color, aperture open at 2.8, shutter held open manually as long as I felt like it, while my brother drove me around Manhattan in his Chrysler New Yorker and I pointed the camera out the window at the what-all. Some of these images (including those I’m posting to this site) were printed up and showed at a couple SoHo galleries in 92 (in the bygone days of so many SoHo galleries).

  2. I’ve seen similar attempts in photography workshops, etc, but the results are usually a dog’s dinner. These have a lovely sculptural quality. Do you still sell the prints somewhere?

  3. there were dog’s dinners. i left them on the cutting-room floor. as for sales, i never sold any of the prints (not for want of trying). the new york shows almost bankrupted me.

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