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“Yttat” again

“Yttat” was published in the Fall 2012 issue of Mayday Magazine.  I posted the link to that earlier this week; today I posted the story to the “Previously  Published Stories” sidebar on this website.

I knew the story was going to be published by Mayday but lost track of when it was due to come out.  It’s possible it was published several months ago.  I didn’t know it had been published until this week.

It was published with typos.  How did they get there?  They were in the original submission Mayday accepted.  Of course I thought I had adequately spell-checked and proofed the story before I sent it out.  Of course I feel as any writer would feel upon making such mistakes (which I was not aware of until today).

The copy published here has had all its mistakes corrected–unless I missed any.

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  1. I did miss one. This comment is a few minutes after the above posting. I told Susan what had happened. She said she saw one of the typos when she read the story the other day. Turned out it was not one I had picked up on. It was a “though” that should have been a “thought”–the sort of mistake a spell-checker won’t catch, though I would have thought I could have caught it on a careful proofread.

    So now–I think–the story is published here in a corrected copy.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Downith recently received an email saying that Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL is now available without typos.

    • there are typos and there are typos, and then there are brainos*. the typos in “Yttat” started off as ordinary typos. the braino that allowed them to appear in the published edition was, as far as i can figure, that i neglected to run a spell-check. i’d like to blame the editors but fact is, i submitted faulty work so the responsibility is mine.

      i felt a little better yesterday when i was reading the introduction to paul schmidt’s 1997 translation of chekhov’s plays, published by harpercollins, and came upon a double braino in one sentence. this is the first braino in the sentence (you’ll see how it differs from a typo): “Surely the enduring qualities of the last plays is to be found…”.

      *brainos are also known as brain-farts.

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