Dropping Back to Punt

Another of my stories was published today.  I’ll post a link to Facebook tomorrow, maybe, but for my three loyal homies, here’s the link here and now:


4 thoughts on “Dropping Back to Punt”

  1. Ah, I’m smitten with the mischievous little face of you. I spend a lot of time on the business end of a squirt gun these days, so I know that look well. I’ve already got my hands in the air.

  2. i used that image as my facebook picture until newtown, then i took it down. i used the cover to high street from then until about a month or so ago when i figured i wanted a tamer image for potential chicago employers.

    chicago! susan is there now. she’s been there a week and flies back here (albuquerque) tomorrow morning. she has secured us a cozy little apartment to live in, move-in date july 31. it’s a block from the lake (and it’s a big fucking lake).

  3. i hope so, too. or at least like it. i’m digging a deep debt hole to get us there. i don’t have a job there yet, though i have begun sending out resumes.

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