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She’s Leaving and Won’t Be Back

The old woman of the shoreline
sits in her wheelchair in the sand.
I am leaving soon, she says.
I am leaving in two or three days.
I’ll not be back.

We’re having a party, she tells the young man of her dreams.
Everyone will be there, you must be there.

I can’t come, he says.  He kneels in the sand at her feet,
touches her leg, wonders if she can feel his touch.
I have a previous engagement, he says.

Her eyes are blue, though it’s said by some they once were brown.
She takes his hand.  He whispers to her.

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  1. Ebr Ebr

    I adore your poetry. I have not been witring any poetry for a couple of months but I plan to get back to it very soon . I love coming to your blog and reading your poems. They really resonate with me. Thank you so much for your amazing blog. I will be back to keep on reading

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