Cheeky lad

“Ortiz frequently went into German-occupied towns wearing civilian clothes to gather information, quietly passing himself off as a local. On one occasion, however, he did things a little different. He strolled unnoticed into a cafe, wearing a long coat. Several German officers were present, drinking and cursing the troublesome Maquis. They saved their special venom for the devious American who worked with the Maquis. Ortiz threw back his long coat and stood before them in his Marine uniform, a .45-caliber pistol in hand. Leveling the pistol at the celebrants, he had them raise their glasses in toasts to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the U.S. Marines. When the gunpoint toasts were completed, Ortiz turned and vanished into the night.” – Steven J. Legge, “U.S. Marine Colonel Peter Ortiz served covertly with the Resistance in France”

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