the well

jack took jill right off the pill,
and then he made her holler,
but when he found he’d knocked her up,
he wouldn’t even call her.

mother took the hanger’s crook
to make jill’s belly smaller.
her lover’s mound was emptied well—
see mother scrape with choler.

now get out! her mother’s shout
sent jill to live in squalor.
jack came round to see his jill,
him thinking he might ball her.

jack, you wait here by the gate,
said jill, you are my scholar
who’s taught me sweetly love’s swell tricks—
i’d kill you for a dollar.

here’s ten bits, jack said, and it’s
to call your bluff and price you.

jill cut him down with kitchen knife—
you should have known i’d slice you.

jack screamed and fell against the gate,
cried out, you filthy cunt!
jill stood her ground and spoke to jack,
her knife held out in front.

your good looks, and cock that cooks
inside the girl who wants you,
won’t help you now, she sliced again,
it’s time you see what ‘cunts’ do.

jill lay jack flat on his back.
her lover-boy won’t gall her,
she fixed him well—nowadays he swells
a smidgen, but no taller.

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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