The Art of Tetman Callis Poems Correction Ribbon Song #6

Correction Ribbon Song #6

you rot.
i retch.

date, try to scream. i covet,
got cot, and my hug flits wit, rends seam.
(is nine; is late;
say, oh, good evening, maw.)

foist ads. hi ho,
ha ha—lax game, yo mo-fo (hi ho).

of old, my child, new egg,
gut ohio, rust veal,
later reign. nude, you saw salomé lie down, for by your love—
no. i/you halves. you have a liar, damn you,
talisman tin.

i opt self, selfness, tin urals.
you domesticate trysts, lose four
who never seemed neighbors. (room, me snoring, sad doze.)
lion matrimoan, i hit, run. rot name-setter,
rat ovum distinguished, i ought lock niche, tug non satyra,
eject vomit. gone, i vomit steel, fey to follow armada.
you’re gorgeous, desultory.
say it—to feed image, hit gun ire.

to negate wit, ale kid.

(Copyright 2023 by Tetman Callis.)

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