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Same old same old

“The Usual Story” is another of the stories I initially wrote about a dozen years ago and which was published early this year in Mad Hatters’ Review.  It’s the last previously-published story I have in my inventory.  Next week I’ll have to post something else.  Probably poetry.  There was a call some weeks back from one of my three readers for some poetry.

I’ll probably post all my previously-published poetry over a three-week period.  Unless I chicken out.  Some of it’s pretty embarrassing.  No sense hiding, though.  I thought it was good enough to submit in the first place, and it got published.  Not in American Poetry Review or Poetry or The New Yorker or anything like that.  I should be so lucky.  It all showed up in little mags, some of which have long since passed away.

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  1. At the risk of sounding as juvenile as I am, I’m shouting yay! about the fact there are two new Tetmans to read. And the possibility of some poetry here? Yes please.

  2. Come on, Tetman, give us the goods. I loved what I read of your poetry from the old site.

    I’m thinking of posting a smutty excerpt from my WIP next week, godhelpus. Talk about embarrassing. I usually spend those days under the bed, clutching a bottle of gin.

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