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Signs that point the way block the way

“You question the assumptions of physics and you end up in metaphysics–a branch of philosophy.  You question the assumptions of history and you end up in epistemology–a branch of philosophy.  You try to take any other discipline out at the foundations and you end up in philosophy; you try to take philosophy out at the foundations and you only end up in meta-philosophy: even deeper in than when you started.” — Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

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  1. I’m afraid I’d end up with a headache. I watched Waking Life yesterday and it made me feel carsick.

  2. I never saw that one. I saw Slacker. I thought I saw Fast Food Nation, but I just checked and I think I was thinking of Super Size Me. And I already have a headache.

  3. This was really cool. I mean, I write novel and translate physics and it is all the same thing no?

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