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Hold that shaking shimmy against me

“We hear communications experts telling us time and again about things like the ‘7-38-55 rule,’ first posited in 1971 by UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian: 55 percent of what you convey when you speak comes from your body language, 38 percent from the tone of your voice, and a paltry 7 percent from the words you choose.  Yet it’s that 7 percent that can and will be held against you in a court of law.” — Brian Christian, The Most Human Human

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  1. This is right on, and probably explains why I don’t like to talk on the phone–for a visual person especially, phone conversations always feel awkward and incomplete.

    • Same here; however, when I was a teen, I did as teens will do and talked on the phone till I had zits on my earlobes. These days, I hardly like talking at all, phony or not.

  2. I stole this for my blog but attributed it to you. Thank you.

    I am utterly phone-phobic, but I do not think this is the reason.

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