The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit The best-dressed person in the graveyard

The best-dressed person in the graveyard

“Up to a certain moment our death seems too distant for us to occupy ourselves with it.  It is unseen and invisible.  That is the first, happy period of life.  But then we suddenly begin to see our death ahead of us and we can no longer keep ourselves from thinking about it.  It is with us.  And because immortality sticks to death as tightly as Laurel to Hardy, we can say that our immortality is with us, too.  And the moment we know it is with us we feverishly begin to look after it.  We have a formal suit made for it, we buy a new tie for it, worried that others might select the clothes and tie, and select badly.” — Milan Kundera, Immortality (trans. Kussi)

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