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Pinch him and see what he thinks

I think, therefore I am is the statement of an intellectual who underrates toothaches.  I feel, therefore I am is a truth much more universally valid.” — Milan Kundera, Immortality (trans. Kussi, emphasis in original)

4 thoughts on “Pinch him and see what he thinks”

  1. I feel . . . that I need a swift kick to send me back to my manuscript. What the hell am I doing, reading your novella when I’m supposed to be burning up the page?

  2. I don’t know. But I, too, am clearly doing something other than composing new work.

    That agent I mentioned the other day declined the opportunity to become my agent. She said the work was very good but she was looking for something even better. Supply and demand. So many writers, so few openings.

    So… it’s back into the ring to fight the next round. Thank you, Averil, for your generous and encouraging words. I’ve been doing this creative writing stuff since Nixon’s first term and sometimes the only consolation is that I’ve been fortunate enough to keep at it so long.

    Now, get back to your manuscript!

  3. Dammit. These agents. Keep swinging, Tetman. Your work is seriously addictive, it only needs the right home.

    Okayfine, I’m going back to my manuscript. I’ve finally got that POV thing figured out, thank god. I was ready to set fire to the damn thing.

  4. Good to hear you got the POV problem solved. The piece I’ve been working on lately may have a similar thing going on. Originally I wrote it in first person but came to tire of that voice, so I’m rewriting it in third person. I don’t know if I’m making it better or worse, but at least I no longer want to junk it.

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