Suitable for a Sunday morning

“It’s a strange horrific world and while it hurts it fascinates.” — Joseph Stanley Pennell, The History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters

2 thoughts on “Suitable for a Sunday morning”

  1. Hi, Averil, I just now saw your comment. I made some modifications to my site this weekend. You may have noticed the new Marketplace tab, but mostly it’s been back-office stuff, including installing Akismet. I think that’s what it’s called. You were the first person to mention it to me, some months ago. I put off installing it because I was overly cautious. And I don’t get a whole lot of traffic. But it means I’ve got a new gadget I don’t fully know how to work with yet.

    And I almost forgot, thank you and Happy Sunday to you, too.

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