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  1. CJ CJ

    When they do click into place it’s nirvana to the max.

  2. “. . . the trick is to learn the trick.”

    Oh yes. I love this. Is there a hat I can buy, from which a rabbit magically appears with no effort on my part? Is there a box full of tricks? A special mirror?

    • Only if the magic appears effortless is it magic. But you will know that the effort is ceaseless; that the box of tricks is a toolbox, no more and no less; and that the special mirror will sometimes reflect that which you will find almost unbearable to behold.

  3. Someone hold my pen. I have a mirror to break.

    • Watch out! Seven years bad luck. And how you gonna do your best writing without that mirror?

  4. CJ CJ

    True about the mirror . Very true.

  5. I don’t wanna look, I tell you. Can’t I just look around instead?

    • Depends on what you want. If you want to be a strong writer–no matter what you’re writing–you have to look in the mirror. And you have to do it while you’re not looking, so you’ll see who’s really there.

  6. You’re on fire today. Can I borrow this as a quote for my blog?

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