The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit Does the ‘god particle’ surf?

Does the ‘god particle’ surf?

“General summaries often emphasize that science is about finding regularities in the workings of the universe, explaining how the regularities both illuminate and reflect underlying laws of nature, and testing the purported laws by making predictions that can be verified or refuted through further experiment and observation.  Reasonable though the description may be, it glosses over the fact that the actual process of science is a much messier business, one in which asking the right questions is often as important as finding and testing the proposed answers.  And the questions aren’t floating in some preexisting realm in which the role of science is to pick them off, one by one.  Instead, today’s questions are very often shaped by yesterday’s insights.  Breakthroughs generally answer some questions but then give rise to a host of others that previously could not even be imagined.” — Brian Greene, The Hidden Reality

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