The Art of Tetman Callis Lit & Crit Busy little bees we be

Busy little bees we be

“Those who enjoy learning are never idle.” – Montesquieu, “Letter 48,” Persian Letters (trans. Betts)

3 thoughts on “Busy little bees we be”

  1. Bzzzz . . . I do love the idea of learning as a lifelong quest. My grandmother is 86 (87? I’ve lost track) and she’s the sharpest person I know. Her eyes have given out, so she listens to audiobooks, is a political junkie, and finds reality shows fascinating as a study in human nature. She is quiet and frail but her mind is the proverbial steel trap.

  2. To keep the mind trapping it must be maintained. I’m glad your grandmother has been able to stay sharp.

    On my short list of things to read is a small collection of texts in logic, geometry, and trigonometry. Pushups for the brain.

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