The Art of Tetman Callis The Ancients Tail wagging or between his legs?

Tail wagging or between his legs?

“There are two kinds of laugh with women.  One of them is a very good sort of thing, and makes young men feel happy and conceited.  The other kind is somewhat heartier, and makes young men feel depressed and very humble.” – “How the Corn-Pests Were Ensnared,” Zuñi Folk Tales, Frank Cushing

6 thoughts on “Tail wagging or between his legs?”

  1. Unselfconscious loose loud and free that’s how I laugh–they way I want to be. Been following that laugh my entire life, evolving my way toward that sound.

  2. Mine is usually a nervously flirtatious space-filler: Norma Jean Baker before she changed her name. Totally fucking inappropriate at my age.

  3. CJ, that would be pleasant, the three of us gathered so. Hard to imagine it happening, as broke as I am. And I’m in New Mexico, where we have plenty of beaches but no water.

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