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Tail wagging or between his legs?

“There are two kinds of laugh with women.  One of them is a very good sort of thing, and makes young men feel happy and conceited.  The other kind is somewhat heartier, and makes young men feel depressed and very humble.” – “How the Corn-Pests Were Ensnared,” Zuñi Folk Tales, Frank Cushing

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  1. CJ CJ

    Unselfconscious loose loud and free that’s how I laugh–they way I want to be. Been following that laugh my entire life, evolving my way toward that sound.

    • and i would guess there are more than two kinds of laughter with women, but that’s what the story said…

  2. Mine is usually a nervously flirtatious space-filler: Norma Jean Baker before she changed her name. Totally fucking inappropriate at my age.

  3. CJ CJ

    I want to hear you both laugh one day, over dinner and a drink in some beach bar.

    • CJ, that would be pleasant, the three of us gathered so. Hard to imagine it happening, as broke as I am. And I’m in New Mexico, where we have plenty of beaches but no water.

  4. CJ CJ

    You never know.

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