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  1. Angela Angela

    I remember this! It used to scare me.

    … but in a good way.

    • hi, zenchick, thanks for dropping by. this and its companion piece showed in a noted local gallery in 97, but they are no more. last year i destroyed them and many of the other pieces i made in the 90s. they served their purpose well and were a major pain to try to keep clean and i had no place to put them.

    • admin admin

      my first reply was somewhat impersonal. i had recently awakened and had not had my morning tea yet. i didn’t want to keep you waiting.

      i made saint sebastian and santa teresa shortly before i moved to high street. initially i hung them in the main room. you probably saw them there. one evening i was contemplating them and asked myself, what chamber of horrors am i living in here? so i moved them into the central hall/utility room, where you probably saw them again since you’d have to go past them to get to and from the bathroom and the bedroom. i used my own blood on them as a pigment/sacrament and added more to them whenever i cut myself. (“ow! oh look, blood. time to make art!”) after i left high street i put them in a storage shed where they gradually deteriorated.

      they were art and they were very much about my terribly broken heart and their time came and went.

  2. Angela Angela

    i’m reading a book on existentialism and this could serve as a companion piece! too bad it’s gone or i would suggest you resurrect and retitle it “Kardashian!” see, your work has this incisive honesty that could function as a counterpoint to our vapid pop culture. … but if you sent it to them you could run the risk of being arrested. but it would be worth it!

    • i don’t know what a kardashian is but i see that name upon occasion in the vapisphere. i will pause now a moment to ask the all-knowing wikipedia to tell me what it may regarding this entity known as kardashian.

      oh, i see now. stone carvers of ancient lineage who have more recently moved into more nebulous realms.

      what book on existentialism are you reading?

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