Good God, Gore

“Maybe there is no good God. But there is definitely a devil, and his predominant passion is the religion of those Protestant fundamentalists. I believe my country is beginning to resemble a theocracy. Using television, the evangelists raise appalling amounts of money which they then invest in the election of mentally disabled obscurantists.” – Gore Vidal (quoted by Lila Azam Zanganeh in “The End of Gore Vidal”)

5 thoughts on “Good God, Gore”

  1. Nowhere is the strategy of selective interpretation more evident than in the minds of the far right: religion, morality, money, politics. You name the topic, and they will have found a way to skew the facts to their understanding.

    I was watching 60 Minutes last night. Most of the show was about Steve Jobs, whose book I don’t plan to read because for the life of me I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Here’s a guy who had a tumor on his pancreas and believed he could cure it with herbs and whatever, because his form of magical thinking had sometimes worked in the past when he threw down a deadline and his people managed to meet it. But a pancreatic tumor doesn’t care what the patient thinks is true, or how successful he’s been, or how clever he thinks he is trying to avoid surgery. It’s taking you down.

    (I thought there was a correlation when I started writing this, but my early-morning brain has lost it.)

  2. Here at the office we’re preparing for trial and I barely have time to shit or piss, much less think, but I’ll give it a quick try. I was up at Courthouse Square this morning and there was some fellow standing at the intersection of two major streets, shouting something into a megaphone about God. He was all but impossible to hear with all the traffic going by.

    I know this has some sort of relevance to our comments here but I gotta go…………………………

  3. Mentally disable obscurantists have invaded all aspects of American life. I used to blame it on religion, but now, as Averil was alluding to with Mr Job’s deadly denial, I blame it on the will to delusion.

  4. I think we’ve always been this way. It’s part of what it means to be and American. And just what is the difference between religion and the will to delusion?

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