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Box within your weight

“We must so act as not to oppose the universal laws of human nature, but, while  safeguarding those, to follow the bent of our own particular nature; and even if other careers should be better and nobler, we may still regulate our own pursuits by the standard of our own nature. For it is of no avail to fight against one’s nature or to aim at what is impossible of attainment.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, De Officiis (trans. Miller)

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  1. Damn straight. Almost all the mistakes I’ve made in life—from that first ill-fated marriage to several disastrous career moves—have come from ignoring my own nature. I’m sticking to the featherweight division from now on.

    • i ran from myself for years, until i was so tired of running i had to slow down. soon as i did that, i caught up with me.

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