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“Lost Things and Missing Persons”

Litro, A Little London Literary Magazine published my story, “Lost Things and Missing Persons,” today in their Story Sunday.  You can find it here if you like:

The editors changed a couple spellings to reflect British spelling.  They also incited me to tighten up the ending of the story.  Endings are probably my weakest spot as a writer.  Several of my published stories needed to have their endings fixed after acceptance but before publication.


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  1. thank you, averil. this story came out of the wreckage of a novel i wrote twenty years ago. the novel was good enough to get gordon lish to read it and phone me up and say, “congratulations, man, you finally learned how to write, wonder who taught you.” but it wasn’t good enough to get published. i worked and worked and worked on it and finally threw in the towel when i realized it had problems that couldn’t be fixed in the work’s original form. i split it up into stories but those also took years to hammer into shape. i kept getting in my own way, which is one of my biggest problems. “Lost Things and Missing Persons” is the first of the stories to be published. another one, “Ouroboros the Inaccrochable” (i think that’s what i called it) has been accepted someplace but i don’t know when it may be published. that story of mine, “Snakes and Snails,” that you read in PDF last year is also from the same novel.

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