In the Loop

Chicago.  Downtown, in the Loop.  I’m at Caribou Coffee at the corner of S. Wabash and something.  An excruciatingly hot and menacingly full cup of tasty coffee is at hand.  My first job interview was within the past hour.  It went well enough, but no slam-dunk.

Much of what I could write now would be trivial and self-indulgent.  Susan is to meet me here soon and at that point, if not earlier, this will end.

The LC Penske was a grand ship, a delight and at time a challenge to pilot to safe harbor.  I am glad the voyage is over.  I do not recommend a similar endeavor be undertaken by anyone, for there is no one I dislike enough to wish them subject to such.

The cargo is all off-loaded and will take what seems at this point to be the shy side of forever to unpack and properly arrange.  The cats are hiding under the bed in their new home–or at least they were when I left to come downtown–and they have ventured out a couple times to take a quick look around before scampering back into hiding.

Susan is not here yet, but enough of this for now.

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