High over the lake
on autumn afternoons
gulls flutter
They fly in lackadaisical
manner, not in any
formations or groups

The angels this afternoon
have been having a party
and threw confetti

Gulls flutter and soar
and glide above the lake
sidelighted by the afternoon
sun, lifted by the breeze

What do angels eat
at their gatherings?
What do they barbecue?
What do they roast
on a spit?

5 thoughts on “Spit”

  1. Averil says:

    Barbequed Beelzebub.

    1. they wash it down with saints’ tears ale

  2. Chris Rice says:

    I meant to write burp bejesus.

    1. admin says:

      loudly, in competition (it’s a sky thing, we call it thunder)

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