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What’s that noise?

“We don’t live in the information age.  That would be an insult to information, which, on some level, is supposed to inform.  We live in the communication age.  Ten billion fingers fumbling away, unautocorrecting e-mails, texts, and tweets; each one an opportunity to offend, alienate, aggrieve, all in public, and at light speed.  The misinterpretation age.” — Jonathan Nolan, “Poker Face”

4 thoughts on “What’s that noise?”

  1. God, yes. Texts are the worst, because I’m always distracted when I write them, and my fingers slip, and they turn out somehow disinterested and overpunctuated, all at once.

  2. I’ve never texted and if I could get to the end of my days without ever having to text, I do believe I’d be a slightly more satisfied man.

  3. Well, I detest the phone with every fiber of my being (which should make the new receptionist gig interesting). I’d choose the written word over the spoken one any day.

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