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What justice is, in case anyone’s forgotten

“Justice is a disposition in virtue of which the just man is said to be disposed by intention to do what is just and to make a distribution, either between himself and another or between others, not so as to get more of what is choiceworthy for himself and to give less of it to another, nor to take less of what is harmful and to give more of it to another (and similarly if the distribution is between others), but in such a way that the parties receive what is proportionally equal. As for injustice, which is the contrary of justice, it is of what is unjust; and this, which is in violation of what is proportional, is an excess or deficiency of what is beneficial or harmful, respectively.” – Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, Book V (trans. Apostle and Gerson)

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  1. I think my brain is too exhausted for Aristotle today. It’s like a hospital patient who can only tolerate Jell-o. I’m leaving you for a Kardashian, or possibly the latest Miley Cyrus sighting. (Is it wrong to hope that little chick bites off her tongue?)

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