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“Special emphasis should be laid on the language employed in orders. Leaders of all grades should be trained to test every word, every phrase, every sentence, for ambiguity and obscurity. If, by even the wildest stretch of the imagination, a phrase can be tortured out of its true meaning, the chance is always present that it will be. Short, simple sentences of simple, commonplace words, will go far toward making an order unmistakable.” – George C. Marshall, Infantry in Battle

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      Front and center! Ten-HUT!

  1. (I love it when you talk dirty like that.)

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      I knew you’d be back. Your fire was not to be quenched.

      (What template do you use? My site’s format bores me.)

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        Okay. Never mind. I scrolled to the bottom and saw it’s “The Curator Theme.”

  2. A change of template was just enough to make blogging seem like fun again. That, and a six month break…

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