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Just about every weekend since I started this blog four months ago I have posted a copy of one of my published stories.  Posting my previously published work is at the center of what this blog is about, though I have posted and will post again pieces previously unpublished.

The other and almost-daily posts I make to the site are to keep the place from getting stagnant.  They’re mostly quotes from whatever I’m reading, which are far more interesting than what I’m doing, except for the interesting parts of what I do, which I best not be writing about in public.

There are only about a half-dozen previously published stories left in my inventory.  This week I’m posting the oldest, “My Friend!”  This piece took over fifteen years to go from first draft to the draft that got published, in March of 2009, by Gloom Cupboard.  It’s essentially a celebration of language.

2 thoughts on “Get back”

  1. That was delicious, I had it with my morning coffee. I may have snorted some when I got to the meemies.

    (And how IS it that rubbers end up in such odd places? How does a single shoe wind up on a median? A chair, upended over a tumbleweed?)

  2. Glad you liked it, Averil. The inspiration for the story was the rubber. I even photographed it, being post-modern and urban and all that.

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