True egalitarians

“Pneumococci are great levelers of vanity and ambition.” — Joseph Stanley Pennell, The History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters

6 thoughts on “True egalitarians”

  1. Bill Maher said something similar on his show last week. In talking about Whitney Houston’s death, he mentioned that for all the good things fame and prestige can bring a person, the one luxury money cannot buy is sleep.

    Maybe it is the nighttime, when we lie in bed with gritty eyes and twitching feet, that makes us all, literally, level.

  2. It sure does. I sleep so poorly my doc wanted to enroll me in a sleep study, but I couldn’t afford it. If I get four hours of solid sleep and another two or three hours of lighter sleep in a night, I have slept very well.

  3. It apparently provides the most natural induced sleep; however, I do not smoke much anymore–once a week, maybe more for special occasions, such as these last few days, which were Carnival. Today, being Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of smoking abstention for me until April.

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