Unmoved movers

“Verbs need nouns to be the agents of their doing and the object of their wrath, but only the way that strings need puppets.” — William H. Gass, “The Nature of Narrative and Its Philosophical Implications,” from Tests of Time

10 thoughts on “Unmoved movers”

  1. My book, I should have said. I got a lot done this weekend. Yours I’m re-reading with the hope that some of your voice may rub off on me as I put the interview questions together.

  2. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I spent a few hours with your book and my list of interview questions. I’ll have them to you in a day or two.

    Is today the big day? P-Day???

  3. The puppy’s published. It actually was published this past Sunday, but I didn’t know it had been published until I checked Amazon.com yesterday to see if maybe it had already come out. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to tend to it much.

  4. Yay!!! I’m just going to keep saying congratulations over and over until it gets old. I hope you’re going out to celebrate–or staying in to celebrate.

    Celebrating somewhere, that’s what I hope. You deserve it.

  5. Congratulations won’t get old (Stroke me, baby!). But celebrating? It’s Lent. My celebrating wing is shut down for cleaning. And there have been pressures. The best thing I can think of to do is stay on track with all my work.

  6. Who’s your fangirl, daddy?

    If you were a chick, I’d recommend a trip to the spa, which is what I’ve been saving up for. Mmm . . . warm lavender massage . . . fresh coat of toenail polish . . . odd wind instruments playing in the background . . . Isn’t there a male equivalent?

  7. I like saunas and hot tubs at spas. Problem is, it’s hard for me to get away.

    I could use a hike in the mountains. We have some wonderful mountains right at the east edge of the city. I haven’t hiked in them in a while. That’s probably what I need to do. Just get up into the mountains for a few hours and hike hike hike.

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