The unbearable crappines of now

“I can’t bear to accept that everything is basically going to shit. And everything is: the economy, the family, the social structures, the class divide, the political process in this country, global warming, random violence from terrorism. Unless you want to live in denial, I feel that you have to train yourself to find hope. The logical response is to get incredibly depressed, but what’s the point of that?” – A. M. Homes (from interview by Richard Grant)

6 thoughts on “The unbearable crappines of now”

  1. it’s not bad enough where we’re at? where our highest elected officials are acting like sorority sisters who didn’t get invited to the proper ball? where they’re willing to throw the entire nation under the bus to prove their pointless points?

  2. Politicians aren’t sorority sisters they are whores, every one of them; although maybe sorority sisters do it for dollars too. Anyway, whichever John pays the most, that’s the way they lay my friend.

  3. I read an article about the sequester which suggests that politicians on both sides wanted it for nefarious reasons of their own. I can’t figure out whether I should be comforted by that or more freaked out than ever.

  4. comforted. they’re behaving normally. they won’t listen to the people until buildings are burning and blood is spilled. not to be suggesting any drastic courses of action…

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