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“Nothing is more depressing than consolations based on the necessity of evil, the uselessness of remedies, the inevitability of fate, the order of Providence, or the misery of the human condition.  It is ridiculous to try to alleviate misfortune by observing that we are born to be miserable.  It is much better to prevent the mind from indulging in such reflections, and to treat men as emotional beings, instead of treating them as rational.” – Montesquieu, “Letter 33,” Persian Letters (trans. Betts)

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  1. It’s also not helpful to hear about the people who are worse off and are therefore the only ones entitled to a bad day. Let me wallow in my misery, for god’s sake, let’s not add guilt to the mix.

    • We get bad days whether we’re entitled to them or not. Cosmic socialism.

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