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This weekend only! One fully realized self for the price of two! Get yours now!

“Our system has relentlessly denied the role of any human practice that cannot be monetized.  The capitalist apparatus has worked tirelessly to commercialize everything, to reduce every aspect of human life to currency exchange.  In such a context, there is little hope for the survival of the fully realized self.” – Freddie deBoer, “The Resentment Machine”

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  1. I was nodding along until I got to the end. What is the fully realized self, anyway? Will I need to commit myself to a Himalayan retreat to find it? Will I need incense, crystals, a full-length mirror? A self-help book by Glenn Beck? Is it on the end-cap at Walmart?

    Clip me a coupon, Tetman, I’ll go halfsies with you on the two-fer.

    • It seems to me, Averil, that you are already well on the way to your self-realization.

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