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  1. Rebecca Allard Rebecca Allard

    I needed that! Thanks, Tetman.

    • You’re welcome, Rebecca. When I was a younger writer and couldn’t write worth a damn but didn’t know it yet and wouldn’t give up–and good that I didn’t, because I did get better over time with study and practice–I used to console myself by thinking, “Remember The Lamplighter!” The Lamplighter was one of the best-selling novels of the 1850s, and no one reads it now. Moby-Dick was one of the worst-selling novels of the 1850s, and no one reads it either, but more people read it than read The Lamplighter, and it has a much better reputation.

      I’m not going to get rich and famous through what I write. I’m going to write it anyway. It is my white whale and I shall pursue it until my lamp goes out.

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