Gotta start someplace

“It is fair that each man shall pay taxes in exact proportion to the value of his property; but if we should wait before collecting a tax to adjust the taxes upon each man in exact proportion with every other man, we should never collect any tax at all.” – Abraham Lincoln, “Speech to the 164th Ohio Regiment”

2 thoughts on “Gotta start someplace”

  1. I’m going to be one of those nerds waiting at the box office for the doors to open on the first showing of the new Lincoln movie. I’ll be seeing it alone with a bag of popcorn and a smuggled-in pocketful of M&Ms. Pure geek bliss.

  2. i am very pleased to know there are a few such as we in this world. susan and i went to see argo last month and saw the trailer for lincoln. i very much want to see the movie and susan is up for it, too. to begin with, daniel day-lewis is always good (not surprising given that his father was poet laureate). to continue, lincoln is a very interesting man. to conclude, i’ve been reading extensively about the civil war over the past year to prep myself for converting a screenplay into a novel, and have read much of and about lincoln. it will be very interesting to see how day-lewis brings him to life.

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