Children Playing with Flashlights, 1992 by Tetman Callis

Children Playing with Flashlights, 1992 by Tetman Callis

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  1. I love this. I played with some long exposures on a pinhole camera a while back and got a couple of interesting results, though I didn’t stick with it long enough to master the technique. Next up for me will be light painting on still lifes. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. i did this, and many others similar, with a 35mm slr loaded with film. i don’t know where i first got the idea. trying out new things has always been important to me. when i was in nyc in the fall of 90, my brother lived in brooklyn. he had a car and i got him to drive me around manhattan while i took long exposures of the lights. prints therefrom were the works i showed at a couple galleries in soho when soho was one of the art nexuses of the world. nothing sold. my work hardly ever sells. if that really bothered me i suppose i might do something about it.

    light painting on still lifes sounds interesting. you’ll have to show me what you get.

  3. Hi Tetman.
    I’m in a quiet time of my life, which I guess must be a relief for some.
    But I very much want to tell you that I find all you share here to be like water to me as I make my way through the desert that is this part of my life.
    Your selection of quotes illuminates my way, as do your brilliant photos.
    And on the occasional day I work up the courage to delve deeper into the humanity they drop me into, I immerse myself into one of your wonderful stories.
    You know the things you’d have to change to make your work sell, but you choose to keep it pure and good, and by doing that, your work is there to save and help and instruct the odd person who really needs it.
    I know you understand the place I’m coming from, and so how much this thank you means.
    Thank you Tetman. Your work is of greater value than you know.

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