You have my word on this

“As sophisticated as the world’s markets have become, the glue that holds the entire arrangement together remains old-fashioned trust.  Once that vanishes, things can unravel very quickly.” — Andrew Ross Sorkin, Too Big to Fail

2 thoughts on “You have my word on this”

  1. That’s what the right-wingers don’t seem to comprehend. Every hubris-driven inanity they subject us to erodes the edge of the fiscal cliff, and here we are with our toes hanging over the side. Stability is not only about legislation, it’s about America’s loss of control over its government and what that looks like from the other side of the border. The process matters as much as the result.

  2. our national comeuppance has not yet arrived. vietnam was close but the lesson didn’t stick. i don’t want to get into any self-loathing-american shtick, but we tell ourselves such lies in this country, i can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever acquaint ourselves with truth and what sort of crushing blow it might take for that to happen. as it is it seems we don’t know shit. we don’t know what money is, we don’t know what power is, we don’t know what charity is, we don’t know how to think, we don’t know how to act, and we are scared out of whatever scant wits we may once have had.

    as for the tea party–you don’t call them out by name but i will and wtf, they don’t come round here nohow–they don’t even know what century they’re in, much less what country and how it might be governed.

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